Frictionless Commerce via SMS

Turn SMS and MMS campaigns into a direct sales channel by enabling purchasing directly in-thread.

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Email Opened

10x better engagement than email.

Email has gotten so noisy, customers barely even listen. Communicate with your customers on a channel where they already are: SMS.

80% open rates
35% click-through rates

1 - Send a message linked to a product

When you link a campaign message to a product SKU in your e-commerce backend (Stripe or Shopify), enabling recipients to reply with a simple quantity to purchase.

2 - Customer replies with an order quantity

If any additional info is required from the customer, such as shipping address or a credit card update, we respond with a link to a form to update that info. Customer data updates occur in your Stripe account.

3 - We process the order

We create an order in your Stripe account, making it easy to consume the Stripe webhooks in order to integrate with your systems. No complicated custom integrations.

Powerful Features

Dynamic Shipping Calculations

Connect your Shipstation account to dynamically calculate shipping costs in-thread during checkout when flat-rate shipping doesn't make sense.

Synchronize Customer Records

Keep customer records in other systems like Mailchimp and Klaviyo up to date when critical customer lifecycle events occur in Replii.

List Building Tools

Flexible collection widget tools make it easy to build collection widgets so customers can easily sign up across all your channels.

Send SMS Campaigns that Drive Direct Revenue

Easily link campaign messages to a product, enabling customers to reply to order.

Tie Campaign Messages to a SKU

When you configure a campaign message, if you tie it to a SKU, customers can order inline with a simple reply. No cumbersome web forms or logins.

Simple, Powerful List-Building Tools

Our drop-in opt-in widgets make it easy to collect customer phone numbers in a compliant manner. We handle opt-in confirmation messages and opt-out.

Customer Data Updates

We seamlessly handle customer data updates and push everything all updates securely to your Stripe account via our Stripe connect integration.

Customer Support Routing

When a recipient replies to a message with something other than the order keyword or a quantity, we'll automatically route the message to an agent. The agent can respond back and forth with the customer, all over SMS.
Successful purchase

Simple SMS Ordering

When customers receive a message tied to a product, they can respond with a quantity and we authorize their card on file for the amount.

Deep E-commerce Integration

Connect your e-commerce provider to tie campaign messages to products, charge customers, and update customer payment data.

Compliant Opt-in/Opt-Out

Our opt-in form explains everything in plain language to customers, and our opt-out functionality means you never have to manually remove anyone from a campaign.

Eliminate purchase friction.

Existing customer engagement channels are add too much friction to the buying process for customers who already want what you're selling.

Email is too noisy

The low open and click-through rates on email campaigns speak for themselves. Your customer's inboxes are overwhelmed with too much noise.

Web-based e-commerce is too cumbersome

When your customers want to make a purchase, making them remember logins, passwords, and fill out a mountain of forms just to make a simple purchase. Technology is getting in the way of you and your customers.


How do recipients order who don't have payment info on file?

When a recipient replies to a message to order and they don't have payment and shipping info on file, we'll direct them to a simple form to collect the relevant info, and we'll update the customer record in your Stripe account.

Can I use this to send SMS campaigns not tied to a product for purchase?


What happens when a customer replies to a campaign message?

If you configure agent routing, we'll automatically route the message to one of your configured agents. The agent can reply inline to the customer via SMS.

Am I required to do agent routing?

No, but it's highly recommended. It's a much better user experience for the customer to get connected to a human being.

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